During Quarantine, Stanford Student Develops College Consulting Service for Students in Need

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2020 / Coming from humble beginnings in a small suburban county of Michigan called Muskegon, Niral Patel is not your ordinary university student. As the first individual in over 20 years of his high school’s existence to get accepted to nearly every Ivy League institution including Stanford University, he continues to exemplify his ability to overcome the odds set against him.

While his teachers and peers praise him for his amazing accomplishments, Niral began high school like any ordinary student: clueless. He had no close relatives who were alumni of prestigious institutions to support him; he had no college admissions counselor to provide guidance for his next 4 years; he did not even have an idea of the career path he wanted to pursue beyond university. He only had one thing that would never leave him: a deep, foundational passion to make a profound positive impact in the world no matter what he pursued.

It was this passion which led Niral to discover the full depth of knowledge required to master his college admissions. Beginning in 9th grade, Niral learned about the standardized tests so commonly hated by juniors and seniors, and immediately began studying for the ACT. Within a year, he managed to attain the perfect score of a 36, placing him amongst the top 0.01% of the nationwide test takers. During this time, he also climbed his way into prominent leadership positions in his school’s extracurricular organizations and county youth council. As chairman of the council, he was a prominent figure among a group of 40 members in deliberating the apportionment of over $80,000 in grant funds for nonprofit organizations across the county. By the time he entered junior year, he was a nationally-ranked leader of his school’s primary business organization chapter, and a state executive council representative for over 7,000 members of the Michigan association.

Throughout those 4 years, however, Niral spent the most time and effort crafting his college application profile. He quickly recognized that he was not the only student with strong academic and extracurricular accomplishments, and knew it would be the nuance of his application for each institution that set him apart. As a result of this thinking, he received an acceptance for every university he applied to that year. After discovering that his unique strategy toward college admissions worked, a light bulb went off in his head.

Many aspiring university students do not understand the full depth of the admissions process and how it changes by the year, especially at the most elite institutions. While a typical college counselor may provide their insight as a “veteran in the field”, the age-gap between the average middle-aged consultant and a young-adult student can be detrimental for crafting an application in-tune with the current educational generation. With an ever-increasing number of applicants to these institutions, the bar is continuing to rise for the selective pool that can get accepted. This is most evident when observing university acceptance rates over the past 10 years: in 2010, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford all had acceptance rates ranging from 10-20%. If you look at acceptance rates now, they are all below 7%. In fact, some schools, like Stanford, no longer publicly release their acceptance rates in fear of deterring new potential applicants to the university.

Because of this disparity, Niral set out to start “Elite Edge Admissions,” a youth-focused, big-brother model of mentorship providing guidance and resources to high school students through the college admissions process. Using his past experience and network, he works with the goal of helping his students create the best “application theme” that matches their current passions to the colleges where they apply. After helping many of his friends and family members get into top-ranking institutions like Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia University, he has realized the value he can provide to others who were once just like him. Niral also provides these services free of cost for individuals coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as first-generation and low-income scholars. To learn more, you can access Elite Edge Admissions at www.eliteedge.org and reach out directly to Niral for questions.

SOURCE: Elite Edge Admissions

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